Superbly Strategic & Inspiringly Innovative

We are experts in charity fundraising and we regularly deliver great results by combining excellent supporter care with strategic campaigns. We do this by working in partnership with our charity clients, every step of the way.

We will recommend improvements to live campaigns, new campaigns, and sometimes advise our charity partners to rest campaigns. We are focused on improving performance and giving the best possible return on the charity’s investment.

We are committed to looking for new innovations in telephone fundraising, including new approach strategies and new technologies such as our range of digital and mobile services that can complement our campaigns. These are designed to increase supporter engagement and can really enhance fundraising performance.

Being ethical means always putting charity supporters first and always treating people with respect. We take this very seriously. Our SMS satisfaction survey, sent to supporters after receiving a call, measures the quality of our conversations, and any concerns raised are fully investigated.

We monitor complaint levels. From January to December 2015 Ethicall received one complaint for every 6774 calls made and we constantly work to lower this. This is against an industry average reported by the FRSB of 1 complaint for every 978 calls. Please click here to read our complaint policy.

We welcome feedback from supporters we have spoken to and encourage everyone to share your experience of talking to our fundraisers with us – good or bad. Please get in touch using this link, Contact us.

If you would like to be removed from our calling lists please let us have your details by emailing

At Ethicall we feel we have a particular responsibility to protect vulnerable people we may speak to. Please click here to see our policy on treating donors fairly and calling vulnerable people.